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Research objectives

The Community-University Research Alliance on Work-life Articulation Over the Lifecourse (CURA- WAROL) pursues the following objectives: to share the knowledge gathered by member organisations through seminars, videoconferencing and ICTs, and to conduct studies, investigations and surveys in various environments intended to document the perceptions of workers, unions and employers on existing practices and measures and to identify possible innovations in this respect. Further, the work includes comparative analysis of systems implemented in different regions (New Brunswick and British Colombia in Canada, but also in Belgium, France, Sweden and Finland).

In this context, the CURA-WAROL studies existing work-family articulation measures, as well as issues related to work-life balance in general and in managing working ages and times (retirement, early retirement, working times and schedules, to name a few), as well as the position of social actors regarding these measures and any other programs or experiments likely to be studied on these issues.


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