Welcome to the Community-University Research Alliances’ website on “Work-life Articulation Over the Lifecourse” (CURA- WAROL)

Working to improve professional and personal/family life balance and the management of the end of careers
In past years, researchers have focused on the problems involved in work-life articulation or balance, that is between personal and professional life, and the issues related to extending one’s career or attempting to change one’s working arrangements at the end of active working life. In the wake of the current demographic decline and possible shortages of skilled labour in some sectors, organisations seek to identify ways to attract employees and retain them. For their part, workers search for improved quality of life, working time arrangements, and support or means to accommodate their choice of activities. Most scientific research therefore indicates that public authorities and social actors should define new working arrangements, working schedules and new approaches to the management of working ages in an effort to re-design work organization not only for ageing workers but for employed working parents through measures that allow a better balance between work and personal/family life over the lifespan.

In this context, CURA-WAROL studies existing work-family systems as well as issues related to managing working ages and times (retirement, early retirement, working times and schedules, to name a few), and the position of social actors regarding these measures and any other programs or experiments likely to be explored or implemented.

The CURA- WAROL network offers:
- Relevant results based on research
- Reliable resources for pedagogical or other objectives;
- Access to university knowledge and experts and also to non- or para-governmental agencies concerned with working ages and social times issues (work-family articulation or balance, ageing and end of career, municipal family policies);
- Objective data and statistics on questions that bear on the management and regulation of working ages and social times.

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Submissions for the 2016 WFRN Conference, Careers, Care, and Life-Course “Fit:” Implications for Health, Equality, and Policy

The Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN) program committee invites submissions for the 2016 WFRN Conference, Careers, Care, and Life-Course “Fit:” Implications for Health, Equality, and Policy, to be held June 23-25, 2016 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C, with a pre-conference Congressional briefing on June 22. We welcome fresh and innovative scientific contributions on work and family issues from investigators representing all disciplinary perspectives. Abstracts for four types of submissions are invited: (1) individual papers, (2) symposia and panel discussions, (3) professional development workshops, and (4) "author meets critic" sessions.


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