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Life environment, Municipal family policies (LIFE)

In this Research Partnership Project (RPP) on living environments, the focus is on municipal or regional actors with respect to the significance of the living environment on family life and on the management of professional and personal responsibilities. Regional and municipal actors have a role to play on topics such as ageing as well. In this perspective, the CURA will analyzef current practices and policies in Québec with a view to compare them with the rest of Canada and internationally.

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LIFE RPP research projects

1- Analysis of facilitators and obstacles that come into play in the implementation and deployment of municipal family policies and of work-family balance measures at the municipal or regional level. A comparative analysis of family policies in Québécois municipalities has been realized by Juliette Rochman (postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay) in partnership with Jacques Lizée, CAMF (Carrefour Action Municipale et Famille).

2- Analysis of the Ontarian “Age Friendly Communities” policy. The analysis is carried out by students under the supervision of Sébastien Darchen (York University) and Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay (TÉLUQ-UQÀM) in partnership with Carrefour Action Municipale et Famille.

3- Study of “time offices” implemented in a number of Italian and French cities (namely Poitiers, Paris, St-Denis, and other cities in France).

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Upcoming projects

- Case studies of innovative Canadian municipalities that take into account the constraints that working times impose on family life; as well as the unique problems related to ageing and functional limitations (handicaps) in that respect. A study of existing municipal family policies in Québec is under way; innovative cases will be selected for more in-depth analysis and assessment in terms of active ageing and work-life balance.

- Survey on foreign innovative municipal policies dealing with the management of ages (work-life balance and active ageing).

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